Frequently Asked Questions About Seeing a Periodontal Dentist in Rochester

by | Feb 20, 2020

Many people frequently assume their general dentist can perform all of the care necessary for total oral health. But, seeing a periodontist is vital to your oral hygiene. Considering that 50% of adults over 30 have gum disease, it is important to learn the difference between what your general dentist treats and when you need to see a periodontal dentist. Discovering that you need to see a periodontal dentist in Rochester can bring up a lot of questions.

Let’s review a few of the most common questions about periodontal dentistry so that you feel confident knowing when to schedule an appointment with your general dentist, and when to visit your periodontal dentist.

What is a Periodontal Dentist?

A periodontal dentist, or periodontist, is a dentist who specializes in the prevention and treatment of gum disease and, in the placement of dental implants. Periodontists complete an additional three years of residency in a specialty program past dental school. During this time, they learn how to perform procedures that are necessary to treat gum disease and place dental implants. At the end of their residency, they have to complete rigorous exams to be eligible for the specialty title.

What Services Does a Periodontal Dentist in Rochester Offer?

A periodontal dentist performs procedures that are quite different from what your general dentist offers. Your Periodontist can perform procedures to treat gum disease, cosmetic procedures to improve the aesthetics of your smile, or to place dental implants. At Dental Implants and Periodontal Health of Rochester, we offer the following services:

Dental Implants

Dental implants are often necessary after tooth loss. Dental implants are carefully placed to ensure a long-lasting and great-looking smile.

Gum Surgery

There are several different procedures available to treat any issues you may be experiencing with your gums. From maintaining periodontal health to lengthening crowns and correcting gum recessions, Dr. Zahavi will ensure your gums are in perfect health.

Aesthetic Dentistry

There are many options available for restoring the aesthetics of your smile after aging, disease, or injury that can cause damage to your gums or teeth.

Sedation Dentistry

Feeling anxious about dental work is extremely common, especially if you require a lot of work, or if you are concerned about experiencing pain. Sedation dentistry is offered by Dr. Zahavi in partnership with a Board-Certified Anesthesiologist for patients who experience anxiety around dental work.

Do I Need a Referral From my Dentist to See a Periodontist?

No, you do not need a referral from your dentist to see a periodontist. Though, your dentist may refer you to a periodontist if he or she discovers you have gum disease or other issues they cannot treat during a routine visit. If you think you have gum disease, or if you need dental implants, you are welcome to schedule a consultation without going through your general dentist.

How Often Should I Visit my Rochester Periodontist?

This answer varies from patient to patient but generally, if you have suffered from gum disease in the past, you will need to see your periodontist for regular periodontal cleanings every three months. However, if you are undergoing treatment for gum disease, your periodontist may have you come in more often to make sure your treatment plan is progressing as planned and everything is going well. The best option is to simply ask your Rochester Periodontist!

What Can I Expect During my First Appointment With a Periodontist?

During your first appointment at Dental Implants and Periodontal Health of Rochester, Dr. Zahavi and his staff will work closely with you to fully understand the issues you are currently experiencing. After a thorough exam, Dr. Zahavi will put together a treatment plan to fully restore your dental health. You can ask any and all questions you may have so that you feel confident knowing that you will receive the highest quality of care possible.

If you are ready to make an appointment with Dr. Thomas Zahavi, give us a call at 585.685.2005 today. The staff at Dental Implants and Periodontal Health of Rochester are ready to help you regain a healthy, beautiful smile!


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