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Preserving your natural teeth is ultimately our goal. Each patient, however, is unique, and we work closely with you and your referring dentist to find the best solution. If keeping your natural teeth is right for you, our Rochester gum surgery team has expertise in all the latest techniques aiming to preserve natural teeth. Gum surgery usually involves aesthetics. Dr. Zahavi’s additional expertise in prosthodontics (restoration) is invaluable when it comes to creating an aesthetic, natural-looking gum line.

Gum Surgery Services in Rochester NY

Crown Lengthening
Crown lengthening is a procedure by which the surgeon removes part of the gum and/or bone around a tooth in order to expose more of the tooth crown (the visible part of the tooth). There are different reasons for this procedure:

  • Cosmetic: Some people have teeth that are visually “short” or “uneven in height.” The teeth, in fact, are usually the proper length, but are covered in excessive gum tissue. By surgically removing some of the tissue around the tooth, the gum line can be reshaped to a cosmetically beautiful, natural smile.
  • Restorative: In order to place a restoration (such as a crown or a bridge) over existing teeth, there has to be sufficient crown exposed. In certain situations, such as a tooth that is broken or decayed below the gum line, the crown has to be surgically exposed to allow placement of the restoration. Dr. Zahavi pays careful attention to the cosmetic outcome of the gum surgery, so when the restoration is completed, the results will be aesthetic and natural looking.  Dr. Zahavi and his team have been performing cosmetic and restorative surgery for many years, which is why they are the Rochester gum surgery experts.
Pocket Depth Reduction
Healthy teeth need healthy supporting tissues around them. Your gum and bone (called the “periodontium”) should closely snug the tooth providing it with the support it needs. Periodontal disease destroys those supporting tissues, thus creating space, or “pockets” around the teeth.

These pockets are hard or even impossible to reach with regular brushing, so bacteria develop and thrive in these pockets. This causes further destruction of the periodontium and deepening of the pockets. This destructive process continues until there is not enough support for the tooth and it needs to be extracted.

In order to prevent tooth loss when deep pockets are present, a surgical procedure is needed. During the procedure, the gums are carefully moved away from the tooth, the pocket is cleaned, any diseased bone is removed, and then the gums are reattached to the clean, healthy bone for a snug fit around the tooth. With proper oral hygiene and regular professional maintenance cleaning, the periodontal disease and pockets should not reoccur.

Bone and gums are designed to fit snugly around teeth. Through periodontal disease, these supporting tissues (or periodontium) are destroyed and pockets develop. Eventually, when too much bone is lost, the teeth need to be extracted. To stop the process and save the tooth, surgery is needed (see also “Pocket Depth Reduction”). New advancements in techniques and materials are now available to promote the regeneration of the supporting tissues. Special membranes, bone grafts, and tissue-stimulating proteins are used to encourage your body’s natural ability to regenerate both bone and gum tissue. With new and regenerated periodntium, most of the disease damage can be reversed allowing a faster and better outcome.
Soft Tissue Grafts
The tooth root should be naturally covered by the gums. Gum recession causes the tooth root to be exposed. There are several reasons for gum recession, including genetics, previous dental procedures, aggressive tooth brushing, periodontal disease, and others. Exposed roots not only affect the aesthetic appearance of your smile, but are also very sensitive to hot, cold, or even sour foods and drinks. In order to restore comfort and aesthetics, a surgical procedure, called soft tissue grafting, is needed to cover the exposed roots. A tissue graft is placed and sutured over the recession areas. Eventually, the graft will blend naturally with the surrounding gums for a beautiful and comfortable result. Further root exposure can usually be prevented by addressing the reasons for the gum recession.  If a soft tissue graft is needed, as a part of your Rochester gum surgery, rest assured Dr. Zahavi and his team have you covered.
Just like natural teeth, dental implants should be cared for by regular brushing at home, cleaning between the teeth/implants, and regular professional cleaning by a periodontal hygienist. Unfortunately, sometimes even the best-placed implants may be compromised by gum disease (called peri-implantitis) around them. If left untreated, peri-implantitis may eventually cause the implant to fail and require the removal of the implant. Our team is experienced at recognizing the earliest signs of any implant problem. With regular periodontal and implant evaluations, we can intervene at the early disease stages in order to stop and reverse any further complications. Let our knowledgable team help you maintain your implants for a life-long treatment success.
Laser Technology and Periodontal Disease
The laser is a narrow beam of light energy. We often use the laser in a minimally invasive technique to kill all the disease-causing bacteria in deep periodontal pockets, thus allowing the periodontal tissues to heal and be free of disease. The dental applications of the laser beam provide new treatment options to many of or patients. Come talk to us to see if you can benefit from the laser technology.
Periodontal Maintenance
Regular brushing and cleaning between the teeth is crucial in maintaining oral hygiene and ensuring the long term success of your treatment. Depending on your periodontal condition, Dr. Zahavi will recommend regular professional cleaning visits with a periodontal hygienist.

Our certified periodontal hygienists have vast experience working with patients with periodontal disease or previous treatments. With a gentle touch, they are experts in thorough cleaning and noticing the smallest signs of disease that may require further attention. They take pride in educating our patients about the best oral-care routines and are especially happy to see our patients maintain a healthy smile for life.

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