3D CAT Scan Imaging:

We offer 3D CAT Scan imaging right here in our office. Our 3D CAT Scan uses a fraction of the normal radiation used in similar machines. This cutting-edge technology allows our team to visualize your anatomy with pinpoint precision and maximum safety for you. The 3D images are used for accurate diagnosis and in the treatment planning for optimal results. Our team will review the images with you and discuss all the options to achieve your treatment goals.

Computer-guided Implant Placement:

Computer-guided surgery is another innovative technology we implement at our office. The digital data from your 3D Scan is used to create a customized surgical guide for the precise placement of your implants. With no guesswork, you and your doctor are both assured of an optimal surgical outcome. From accurate diagnosis and treatment planning to the precise implant placement, we are proud to offer cutting-edge technology as an integral part of our services.

Top Quality Implants:

At our office, we never compromise on quality. Today, there are many implant brands on the market. Just like in any industry, cheap and low-quality options are abundant. Sadly, those poor-quality implants are more likely to have complications or fail, thus requiring additional surgeries to rectify the problem. As a speciality office, we often see patients who come to us because of such complications.

Committed to providing the highest standard of care, we only use the industry’s leading implant brands. Straumann dental implants have decades of clinical research behind them. Based in Switzerland, Straumann Dental Implants is not only the first company to introduce dental implants more than 40 years ago, but it continues to lead the industry with innovative, reliable implant solutions. To date, over 17 million Straumann dental implants have been successfully placed. Wouldn’t you want that experience to work for you? As a patient, it is your right to know which implants will be used for your surgery. Please ask us about our implants – we will gladly discuss every aspect of your surgery, materials included!

Tissue Regeneration Materials:

Recent advancements in tissue regeneration materials have made it possible to create new bone and soft tissues with results that were not possible before. Those high-tech, biological materials, such as specialized membranes, use the body’s ability to regenerate tissue to fill in defects or to augment bone for implant placement. As more research is done and new materials are invented, we carefully choose the most reliable and researched materials to ensure the best treatment outcome, and results beyond your expectations.

Piezosurgery Technology:

Piezosurgery is a minimally invasive technique that uses special ultrasound microvibrations to cut only bone without any effect on the surrounding soft tissues such as nerves or blood vessels. This special technology allows for a very precise and predictable surgery with minimal tissue damage. The Piezosurgery technique is often used during extraction and sinus elevation procedures. With the Piezosurgery, both the surgery and the postoperative healing are faster and more comfortable to the patient. We pride ourselves in utilizing the latest technologies for minimally invasive procedures to enhance patient comfort and treatment success.


The laser technology uses a very narrow beam of light energy to perform minimally invasive soft tissue (gum) surgeries. It can be used, for example, to shape gum tissue with minimal discomfort to the patient and without any sutures. Following a quick healing, the results are cosmetically beautiful.

Another common use for the laser beam is in the treatment of periodontal disease. In a minimally invasive technique, the laser beam is used to kill all the disease-causing bacteria in deep periodontal pockets, thus allowing the gums to heal and be free of disease. The dental applications of the laser beam provide new treatment options to many of our patients. Come talk to us to see if you can benefit from the laser technology.

Sterilization and Infection Control:

For optimal surgical results and patient safety, strict infection control is paramount. Patient safety is our outmost priority, and we take every step necessary to ensure it. As a surgical office, we follow the most rigorous, hospital-grade protocols for every appointment, be it a new patient exam, an involved surgery, or a quick post-op visit. We use sophisticated sterilization equipment, materials, and daily spore testing to ensure absolute infection control. When you step into our surgical office, you can be assured your safety comes first.

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