What You Should Know If You Are Considering Periodontal Plastic Surgery in Rochester

by | Oct 5, 2019

Deciding to have periodontal plastic surgery is an important decision to make but finding the right periodontal plastic surgeon can make all the difference. There are many reasons why you may consider having periodontal plastic surgery in Rochester, from improving your oral health to creating a smile that gives you the confidence you deserve. Periodontal plastic surgery can drastically improve your life. Below, we will discuss some ways that this type of surgery can be beneficial to you.

Do I Need Periodontal Plastic Surgery in Rochester?

While periodontal plastic surgery does improve the health of your gums and teeth, periodontology goes beyond procedures that a general dentist can perform. Several different types of procedures can be considered periodontal plastic surgery.

Uneven Gum Line

One of the more common types of cosmetic periodontal surgeries improves the way gums and teeth look. Many individuals may feel as though their gums cover too much of the tooth, and this can cause them to feel insecure about their smile. This is something that periodontal plastic surgery can fix, with a crown lengthening procedure where the periodontist removes excess gum and sculpts them to look more natural.

Receding Gum Line

Soft Tissue gum grafting is a procedure wherein your periodontist can use tissue from other parts of your gums to cover exposed roots and even out the exposed length of your teeth. Not only does this procedure help you feel better about your smile, but it’s also crucial for the health of your mouth. Receding gum lines can cause discomfort and having them covered is important for the health and vitality of your teeth.

Uneven Gum or Jawbone

If you’ve experienced tooth loss, you may have noticed indentions or pockets in your gums or even your jawbone. This can cause issues with aesthetic aspects of your smile, as well as retention of food particles in those areas. Ridge Augmentation is a procedure that helps to repair the damage to your jawbone; then a dental implant can be placed to restore your jawline to its natural form.

Your Oral Health Affects Your Overall Health

Having periodontal plastic surgery is not strictly for cosmetic reasons. Your oral health can greatly impact your overall health. Keeping your gums, jawbone, and teeth healthy is an important part of holistic health. Your mouth is a window into the rest of your body. Your saliva, for instance, protects your body against infections like the common cold by attacking bacteria and viruses that enter your mouth. Additionally, suffering from oral diseases, such as periodontitis, can worsen the effects of chronic illnesses such as diabetes and heart disease. For these reasons, and more, it is vital to maintain excellent oral health.

Finding a Periodontal Plastic Surgeon in Rochester

If you have decided that periodontal plastic surgery is right for you, it is time to find a periodontal plastic surgeon in Rochester. Working with the right periodontist is vital for the outcome of your surgery, and it is important to find someone with the experience and knowledge necessary to perform the procedure you need. If you’re ready to get started working towards a healthy mouth and a perfect smile, schedule a consultation with Dental Implants & Periodontal Health of Rochester today. We’ll work closely with you to determine a plan of care that fits your needs and accomplishes your goal towards oral health. To schedule an appointment, call us at 585-685-2005 today.


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