Top 3 Things to Know About Tooth Implants Rochester

by | Apr 8, 2020

For many people, missing a tooth or several teeth can cause serious issues. From problems with chewing and tooth stability to anxiety and insecurity, missing teeth are more than an aesthetic issue. Tooth implants are a great way to restore your dental health and maintain a healthy, natural smile. However, many people are unaware of dental implants and their many benefits.  If you are considering your options for replacing missing teeth, it is vital to learn more about the benefits of tooth implants. Let’s review the top three things you may not know about tooth implants in Rochester, NY.

1. Tooth Implants Look and Feel Natural

Designed to match your existing teeth, tooth implants look completely natural. Your periodontist will match the width and length of your implant to your existing teeth so that there is no variation. Implants also function in the same ways as healthy, natural teeth do. They do not move, slip or slide around while you’re talking and chewing, and you never have to worry about them coming out at inconvenient times. You can think of dental implants as a new and improved version of your natural teeth because they stay in place permanently. You won’t feel them in your mouth, they shouldn’t cause pain, and you can eat anything you desire!

2. Tooth Implant Procedures Have a High Success Rate

There is a very high success rate with implant procedures. That’s because they are placed using titanium screws. Titanium is known for its ability to bond with bone tissue, making the success rate for implants very high. Depending on the patient’s oral hygiene and postimplant care, success rates can be as high as 98%. There are factors that can increase this rate of success or conversely lower it. If you commit to properly caring for your implants and teeth and regularly visit your periodontist, your postimplant success rate should be very high.

Remember, however, that smoking and improper care of implants can increase the risk of infection and other complications. Dr. Thomas Zahavi, Rochester periodontist, will work closely with you to ensure you have a plan in place to promote health and success.

3. They Can Improve Your Physical and Mental Health

Missing teeth and unstable teeth or dentures impair your ability to effectively chew healthy food. Placing dental implants to replace missing or loose teeth will ensure proper chewing and better nutrition thus improving/promoting your overall physical health.

Your mental health can also be improved with dental implants. Having dentures or missing teeth can be embarrassing for some patients. Spending time worrying about dentures falling out while you’re eating or speaking can cause unnecessary anxiety during social situations. Similarly, some patients who are missing teeth find themselves smiling less and choosing not to participate in conversations with their peers in order to hide the gaps in their smile. You shouldn’t feel the need to hold back or worry about what your peers might think. Tooth implants can relieve that source of stress and anxiety for you. You will feel confident knowing your smile looks great, and your teeth are securely in place.

Tooth Implants Rochester, NY

If you are missing teeth, tooth implants might be the right option for you. Whether you need one tooth replaced, or a full mouth reconstruction, tooth implants are an excellent option for many patients. Improving the comfort and aesthetics of your mouth, reducing the risk for infection and illnesses, and restoring your natural smile are just a few of the reasons many people are choosing tooth implants.

If you are ready to get started or would like more information, contact Dr. Zahavi, of Dental Implants and Periodontal Health of Rochester. Dr. Zahavi and his team have extensive experience and are committed to providing you the highest quality of care. To schedule a consultation, call us at 585-685-2005 today.

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