Reasons You Might Need Periodontal Dentistry in Rochester

by | Jan 9, 2022

While just about everyone visits a regular dentist for cleanings and inspections, there are a few specific oral issues that must warrant the assistance of a periodontist instead. In general, periodontal dentistry in Rochester serves an essential role in improving the look and feel of countless patients’ smiles.

What Is Periodontal Dentistry and How Does It Differ From General Dentistry?

Periodontists perform more complicated surgical procedures and periodontal cleanings on the mouth’s gums, teeth, and jawbone. This is because periodontists are dentists that have taken on three years of additional schooling on top of dental school. This allows them to specialize in treating gum disease and other more complicated oral health issues further.

Signs That You Need Periodontal Dentistry In Rochester

When a dental issue is beyond the scope of a general dentist, it is time to see a periodontist. Here are a couple of the most common reasons why patients seek care from a periodontist:

#1: Periodontal Disease Treatment

As the name suggests, periodontal disease, often referred to as gum disease, is the main specialization of periodontists. Periodontal disease is an infection of the gums, which damages the teeth and jawbone when left untreated. This leads individuals to experience bleeding gums, bad breath, changes to their tooth alignment, and many more uncomfortable symptoms.

After being diagnosed with this common (46% of US adults have signs of gum disease)1 yet serious condition, it is essential to work with a periodontist to plan the next steps of your treatment. A few of the most common procedures periodontists perform to treat periodontal disease include:

  • Root Planing and Scaling: periodontists can perform root planing and scaling procedures to better combat plaque and tartar accumulating underneath the gum line. This promotes gum healing and removes excess bacteria.
  • Surgeries: when periodontal disease is in its most severe form, periodontists often utilize surgical procedures best to restore the appearance and health of the mouth structures. Procedures include techniques like pocket reduction surgery, crown lengthening, and soft tissue grafts, just to name a few.

#2: Cosmetic-Related Needs

Whether treating a side effect of periodontal disease, mouth injury, or your natural mouth appearance, a periodontist can help. A couple of the cosmetic concerns that a periodontist can assist in treating include:

  • Gummy Smile: a gummy smile occurs when the teeth appear short from an excess of gum tissue. Periodontists have the training to perform a surgical procedure that reshapes the gums to fix this cosmetic issue.
  • Missing Teeth: in severe stages of periodontal disease, it is common for patients to lose their teeth due to the infection impacting the tooth’s support structures. Gum disease is the leading cause of tooth loss.1 In these cases, periodontists can surgically place a dental implant to replace the missing tooth and its roots.

Dental Implants & Periodontal Health of Rochester: Periodontal Care You Can Trust

If you are looking for a periodontal dentistry office in Rochester, look no further than Dental Implants & Periodontal Health of Rochester. Our board-certified periodontal surgeon, Dr. Zahavi, brings years of experience treating periodontal disease to each patient. After an assessment, we will provide you with an individualized periodontal dentistry treatment plan.

To schedule your first appointment and get started with your periodontal health journey, don’t hesitate to contact our team at 585-685-2005 or reach us online.



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