How Tooth Replacement in Rochester Supports and Restores Oral Function

by | May 10, 2024

When teeth are missing, they impact your appearance and ability to chew and speak properly. However, tooth replacement in Rochester can improve your oral health and smile. Several options are available today, like a dental bridge or dentures, but more patients are interested in dental implant surgery.

Implant placement has revolutionized modern dentistry. It offers patients a long-lasting, durable solution for replacing missing natural teeth. But can dental implants work for patients who need their entire smiles revamped? An experienced dental professional can combine multiple tooth replacement techniques to improve oral function, and you don’t have to sacrifice the benefits of dental implants.

Gaining an Understanding of Dental Implants

Dental implants are screwlike titanium posts that a dentist surgically places into the jawbone. They require several months to heal and integrate before a final restoration is placed on top. Once the metal post is fully integrated with the bone, it acts like a tooth root and improves oral health.

Dentists recommend a dental implant procedure to replace lost teeth because the completed restoration resembles and behaves like a natural tooth. This procedure has a 95% [1] success rate and is one of the only options that helps stimulate bone growth and prevents additional bone loss.

How many replacement teeth you need depends on your unique condition. However, you have many options for tooth replacement in Rochester. The following are the most common ways dentists use implants after tooth loss:

  • A crown for a single-tooth replacement
  • A fixed bridge to replace multiple teeth
  • An implant-supported denture for whole-mouth restoration

Some conditions require additional surgical procedures, like extractions or bone grafting.

How Using Implants for Tooth Replacement in Rochester Improves Oral Function

Dental implants offer a permanent solution for missing teeth. They restore your smile and can give you more confidence in your daily life. Although having a smile you love is essential to your mental health, dental implants also provide many other benefits.

Improves Speaking Ability

Missing teeth can impact your speech. Teeth help shape words and sounds, which allows you to speak clearly. Without teeth replacements, you may have a lisp or slurred speech. Replacing missing teeth with dental implants restores your speech by filling in spaces, giving your lips and tongue the support necessary to form words.

Restores Chewing Ability

Without teeth, chewing and eating certain foods can become more challenging. This has the potential to cause digestive problems and nutritional deficiencies. You can opt for traditional tooth replacement options, like dentures, which may become unstable or uncomfortable.

In contrast, dental implants securely integrate with the bone to provide a stable surface for chewing and biting. Thus, you can eat a wide range of foods without worrying about a slipping denture.

Prevents Shifting Teeth

Not only do dental implants fill open spaces and assist with speech, but they also help maintain the stability of adjacent teeth. Gaps in your smile allow neighboring teeth to drift out of their natural positions, causing crooked teeth, bite problems, and an increased risk for cavities and gum disease.

Dental implants act like a natural tooth and prevent these problems by filling the gap left by the lost tooth. They also create stability within the dental arch, lowering the chances of oral health problems related to misaligned teeth.

Preserves Jawbone Structure

When you lose a tooth, the remaining bone starts to weaken because the tooth root isn’t there to keep the bone strong. If this issue isn’t addressed, more bone becomes lost, making your face look older and sunken. Dental implants maintain your jawbone’s structure by replicating what a natural root does, stimulating the surrounding bone tissue and keeping the jawbone’s integrity intact.

Promotes Oral Health

Some tooth replacement options require the dentist to prep the adjacent good teeth. Dental implants don’t require prepping adjacent teeth, and as a result, the adjacent teeth are easier to clean and maintain. This also reduces the risk of tooth decay and gum inflammation in the adjacent teeth.

Restore Your Oral Health and Renew Your Confidence

Dealing with missing teeth doesn’t have to be permanent. Dental implants are a long-lasting option for tooth replacement in Rochester, NY. If you have questions about dental implants or other teeth replacement methods, call 585-534-3346. Contact Dental Implants & Periodontal Health of Rochester to schedule your consultation.




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