How to Relieve Anxiety Before Tooth Surgery in Rochester

by | Feb 16, 2024

Do you have an upcoming tooth surgery in Rochester, or do you believe you may need treatment on the horizon? Scheduling dental surgery provides a wide range of benefits but can also leave patients feeling anxious. Here’s what you need to know about tooth surgery and the steps you and your periodontist can take together to ensure a comfortable and relaxed experience.

Common Tooth Surgeries

Oral and dental surgery covers a wide range of different oral and periodontal procedures. Most of these are routine and commonplace, carried out for countless patients nationwide daily.

Extractions are among the most common. Like most people, you may need wisdom tooth removal at some point. You could also find yourself in need of extraction for a severely damaged or decayed tooth. In either case, extraction helps set a foundation for improved oral health and is typically a straightforward procedure with minimal recovery time.

Dental implant placement could be just what you need if you have missing teeth. This procedure can seem intimidating, but it is more straightforward than it may seem. In many cases, local anesthetic is all that’s required, although other sedation options are available.

The Benefits of Oral Implant Surgery

Dental anxiety affects roughly 36% of patients, with 12% facing anxiety that could leave them unwilling to seek out the care they need.[1] However, moving forward with your surgery is essential to ensure your long-term oral health and give you the confidence to eat and speak naturally.

If you’re considering a treatment such as dental implants, moving forward with them can considerably improve your quality of life. Your mouth is designed to eat, speak, laugh, and enjoy life; these tooth replacements allow you to do all those actions. The incredible boost to health, wellness, and confidence you can receive is well worth going through with the procedure.

How You Can Prepare

Whatever your needs, the first step is to schedule a consultation to learn more. If you’re facing dental anxiety, then even this step can seem daunting. However, you should know that your periodontist will be patient during your consultation and happy to answer any questions. Dealing with dental anxiety is an essential part of providing adequate care.

Your periodontist will evaluate your oral health and condition during your consultation to find the best route. They’ll discuss your concerns and goals and lay out your options. During this time, you can also talk about various sedation options, which can be incredibly helpful in dealing with dental anxiety.

Dealing With Anxiety

There are steps you can take to deal with dental anxiety, along with accommodations that your periodontist can provide. Don’t hesitate to discuss your anxiety with your periodontist, as they could have effective solutions to help you.

Simple accommodations, such as listening to music during treatment, can significantly help. Consider bringing someone along for support. While the nature of your treatment might not allow them to be with you during the procedure, coming along before and after can help instill confidence.

Planning Your Tooth Surgery in Rochester

Suppose you need tooth surgery in Rochester. In that case, you can ensure excellent results and a comfortable experience with the Dental Implants & Periodontal Health team of Rochester. We handle your oral and periodontal surgery needs with expertise and care, putting just as much emphasis on your patient experience and comfort.

You can learn more about your tooth surgery process by scheduling a consultation online or calling 585-685-2005 today.




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