Gum Surgery Rochester for Pocket Depth Reduction

by | Aug 30, 2019

Gum disease can be a serious health problem if not treated properly. In gum disease, the gum tissues surrounding the root of your tooth begin to get exposed, making it more vulnerable to decay. One of the ways to treat gum disease is through surgery and pocket-depth reduction. If you need gum surgery, Rochester, let’s take a look at some of the different treatments available.

What is Pocket Depth Reduction and How Can it Help Gum Disease?

When the gum starts to move away from the tooth, small pockets begin to form around the teeth. Bacteria can grow quickly inside of these pockets, leading to further bone loss, and in some severe cases, tooth loss.

To avoid this from happening, your periodontist can perform a pocket depth reduction procedure. During this procedure, the pockets around the teeth are cleaned as the periodontist carefully and gently moves the gums away from the teeth to gain access. Once Dr. Zahavi cleans the pocket, he will remove any diseased bone. Then gums are reattached. Since the bone is now healthy, the gums will fit snugly around the tooth and promote better oral health.

If you take care of your gums and teeth properly and see your Rochester periodontist regularly, you should be able to avoid any further gum disease.

Other Types of Gum Surgery Procedures

Besides pocket-depth reduction, a periodontist may also do a regeneration procedure for the supporting tissues. By using tissue-stimulating proteins and bone grafts, your body will be more likely to regenerate bone and gum tissue around your teeth.

Your periodontist might recommend a soft tissue graft to treat your gum recession. During this process, a piece of tissue is taken from the roof of your mouth or another donor source. It is then placed and secured around the gums that are receding. Eventually, the graft will blend naturally with your regular tissue and will also work to cover any exposed tooth root.

Laser technology is another option if you’re seeking gum surgery in Rochester. A laser is used to kill all bacteria that may have formed in the pockets around the teeth. This allows the tissue to heal and be disease-free.

Although typically used for cosmetic reasons, crown lengthening can also be done to treat gum disease. During this procedure, an overgrowth of gum tissue is removed from your teeth, making them look longer. This is beneficial for patients who may have teeth that are the proper length but are covered in excessive gum tissue.

Contact Dr. Zahavi for Gum Surgery Rochester

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