From a Cosmetic Dentist in Rochester: 5 Common Misconceptions About Aesthetic Dental Surgery

by | Apr 8, 2024

Modern dentistry offers a wide range of effective ways to help you achieve the smile you dream of. Seeing a cosmetic dentist in Rochester can boost your self-confidence and leave you feeling better about your smile—and yourself—than you ever have before.

Unfortunately, some persistent myths about aesthetic dental surgery might discourage you from pursuing these treatments. Don’t let these five common misconceptions stop you from restoring your smile and your self-confidence:

Myth 1: Cosmetic Procedures Are All Expensive

Everyone has their budget to work with when planning cosmetic dental procedures, but the truth is that these treatments are often not as costly as many believe.

A big reason for this misconception is that once-costly cosmetic procedures have been made more affordable in recent years thanks to advances in dental technology. Specific procedures, such as dental crowns, were once longer and more complicated but have been made simpler and more cost-effective with modern in-office technology.[1]

Myth 2: Cosmetic Dentistry Is Strictly Cosmetic

The notion that cosmetic dental procedures are only good for improving the appearance of a smile can reduce their value in the eyes of some. It may be reasonable to forego an aesthetic upgrade in favor of something that improves your oral health. Still, in reality, some cosmetic procedures can provide both simultaneously.

Procedures like dental crowns, bonding, porcelain veneers, and soft tissue grafts protect teeth from tooth decay, infections, and other issues. This can help you avoid the discomfort of these issues and save you money on future dental care, all while providing you with a beautiful smile in the process.

Myth 3: Cosmetic Procedures Are All Complicated

Dental anxiety is common in both children and adults.[2] For those who suffer from it, the idea of undergoing a major procedure can be enough for them to avoid restoring their smile and improving their quality of life. But while some procedures can be more involved and require anesthesia, others are fast, easy, and highly effective.

For example, if you have a small chip or crack in a front-facing tooth, a quick dental bonding procedure can address it in a single visit with no discomfort. Similarly, teeth whitening offers a non-invasive way to substantially improve the look of your smile.

Myth 4: Dental Cosmetics Don’t Have a Natural Look

While a cosmetic dental procedure was once easy to spot, dental technology has evolved significantly, and the odds are that you’ve admired more than a few smiles without knowing they were the result of modern cosmetic dentistry.

Among the most significant technological advances is the dental implant, which offers a far more natural look than anything before.[3] Treatments—such as a soft tissue graft—can also improve your smile without any prosthetics.

Myth 5: Cosmetic Procedures Can Only Treat Teeth

While most of them are designed to enhance the appearance of your teeth, there are cosmetic procedures that can address other issues that may be hampering your smile’s appearance.

If you suffer from gum recession, which causes your teeth to look elongated, for instance, some procedures can address this issue. And if you have a gummy smile, a crown lengthening procedure can make a difference.

A Cosmetic Dentist in Rochester Can Enhance Your Smile

Looking to create a smile you love to share in Rochester, NY? The experienced Dental Implants & Periodontal Health team of Rochester can develop a custom treatment plan to help you achieve a beautiful and healthy smile. Contact us or call 585-534-3346 today to schedule your appointment.






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