Walla Walla Dentists

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Walla Walla Dentists

Walla Walla Dentists

What separates the great dentists from the rest? Surely, when you are selecting a dentist for either you or your family, anything less than the best will be unacceptable. At Broadway Family Dental Care, our dentists have obtained top education and give meticulous attention to detail. If you are pursuing a great dentist, education, experience, and quality are probably the most important traits to look for, but there are other things to consider as well. Here's a quick checklist:

Going the Extra Mile for Patient Comfort and Safety

When you come to Broadway Family Dental Care, we ensure our patients the highest level of comfort from the waiting and reception areas to the dentist's chair. Our top priority is to make sure that all of our patients' needs are met during treatment.
When shopping around for Walla Walla dentists, consider each dentist's portfolio. Just as you would ask a graphic designer to show you their portfolio before hiring them, how much more so should you ask this from a dentist you're considering making your own! At Broadway Family Dental Care, we're proud and happy to show you our previous work as we know that this is the best indicator for a new patient regarding the results they can expect under our care.

Tidy Facilities with State-of-the-Art Dental Equipment

Broadway Family Dental Care encourages you, as you search for a trusted Walla Walla dentist, to visit each clinic you are considering in-person. You want to make sure everything is clean and organized to guarantee smooth and safe treatments.

The latest in dental technology may not only look flashy, but more importantly, it reflects the dedication of the dental clinic to delivering the highest level of dental care to their patients.

Does the Dental Clinic Have a Dental Hygienist?

This involves ensuring a clean and sterile facility, but it also should include making sure there is a dental hygienist. This helps patients to maintain healthy teeth and gums. At Broadway Family Dental Care, we believe that education is the key component to long-term oral health and hygiene in both children and adults.

Written Treatment Plans

Broadway Family Dental Care provides written treatment plans. Your dentist should never be hesitant to break down the cost of your treatment and be fully supportive when clarifying your issues and decisions. It's your money, your health, and your choice!

Referrals to the Best Dental Specialists

Great dentistry is not shown inside the dental clinic, but also in referral of you to other specialists for the more complex treatments that your dentist may not be able to provide. Broadway Family Dental Care networks with Washington's and Oregon's best oral surgeons and specialists when referrals are needed.

Check Out Broadway Family Dental

If you are interested in finding a great Walla Walla dentist, contact Broadway Family Dental Care today and schedule a visit. We are currently accepting patients, and our convenient location is friendly, clean, and affordable. Plus, we accept most insurance coverage.


Walla Walla Dentists
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