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United Recovery Project

United Recovery Project

United Recovery Project is a leading rehab with luxury amenities, private accommodations, and gourmet meals. The United Recovery Project helps our clients cruise through the turbulent times of their lives with personalized care, individual attention, and round-the-clock medical support.

What makes the united recovery project the best luxury rehab in Hollywood, FL?

Located in the heart of South Florida, URP is one of the few luxury drug and alcohol rehabs with the lowest low client-to-staff ratio and a high success rate. Our therapists create customized treatment plans and deliver comprehensive care to individuals battling substance use disorder.

Our clinicians offer personalized attention to each patient and guide them towards sobriety from start to end. Not to mention, our clients enjoy access to numerous amenities such as sparkling clean swimming pools, luscious outdoor scenery, top-notch exercise equipment, breath-taking outdoor spaces, and gender-specific facilities. You can also blow off some of the steam after a full day of therapy at our recreational rooms that come with pool tables, lounge areas, and other fun features.

Top reasons to choose our sober living home in Florida

Our facility is the epitome of luxury and comfort and offers a safe and secure space for individuals battling an addiction to heal and recover from their substance abuse disorder. With spacious rooms and top-notch amenities, you will feel right at home at our sober living home.

Patients living at our sober living facility enjoy gourmet meals, assistance with finding employment, and receive help with adjusting to life outside after rehab treatment. Our sober living treatment option can help you re-establish life after addiction treatment one day at a time.

What happens in a sober living home?

While inpatient rehabs provide you with an immersive healing experience in a fully controlled and enclosed environment, sober living homes prepare you for an independent and sober life out in the real world. Here's what to expect at a sober living home:

  1. Residents do not have to restrict themselves to the sober living home campus. 
  2. The goal of a sober living arrangement is to help you ease back into regular life and return to your routine. While sober living homes are more flexible and less restrictive than inpatient rehab, you must still abide by curfews and rules, including group meeting attendance.
  3. During your stay, you will attend 12-step programs, develop a structured lifestyle, be accountable to your sponsor, sober coaches, and therapists, and create a sober fellowship.

The friendships you develop during your stay at a sober living home can help you abstain from drugs and alcohol and provide you more reasons to stay clean in the long term. Sober living homes provide you with a structural framework and freedom to help you adjust to life outside of rehab.

Do not let your addiction disorder determine your future. At United Recovery Project, we can help you break free from those habits that hold you back from leading your best life. United recovery project is a top-rated addiction treatment facility with a complete spectrum of care and tailored treatments. 

United Recovery Project
United Recovery Project
5900 Johnson St
Hollywood FL 33312

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