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If you are experiencing pain, then it's essential to seek out proper treatment from experienced professionals. However, it may be confusing to know when to see a tooth surgeon for help treating dental pain. Here are common conditions that may require you to see a tooth surgeon.

You have loose teeth.

Loose teeth are a big problem if not treated, but it can become less of an issue when you consult an experienced oral surgeon. An oral surgeon will examine your bone density to determine if you are the right candidate for dentures, bridge, or dental implant.

You have dry mouth.

You are susceptible to tooth decay and infection when your mouth stops generating enough saliva. This means you are always feeling parched. A tooth surgeon can help you identify the underlying cause of your dry mouth and recommend solutions.

You have impacted teeth.

Persistent pain, fever, or swelling are signs of infection near the wisdom teeth, and your teeth are more likely to be infected or decayed with time. It's time to see a tooth surgeon if you feel like there is an excessive amount of pain or pressure in your mouth.

You have facial infections.

You may need to schedule a visit with a tooth surgeon if you have pain or swelling in the neck, jaws, or face that persist. This type of pain may result in life-threatening infection if left untreated. Your oral surgeon can help you diagnose the issue and treat the underlying problem.

You have breath or sleep concerns.

You need to consult a tooth surgeon to help you cure sleep apnea if you are diagnosed with a sleep disorder or your snoring is becoming intrusive, that you're finding it difficult to breathe well at night. Your oral surgeon might consider a dental treatment that involves removing some of the soft tissue from your lower jaw or oropharynx.

You have irritated gums.

You're either brushing too hard, or there is something wrong with your gum tissue if you see blood coming out of your mouth when brushing your teeth. While occasional bleeding of the gums is nothing to worry about, persistent bleeding could be a sign of a serious problem. Swelling, redness, and loose permanent teeth are other warning signs of gum disease that could indicate it's time to see a tooth surgeon.

You have Jaw pain

If you noticed that your teeth or jaws are misaligned, you should visit a tooth surgeon. Some jaw issues can be corrected with orthodontic devices, while others may require oral surgery. So you need to schedule an appointment with your tooth surgeon, even if you are feeling a slight misalignment in your jaws.

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If you are experiencing any of the symptoms listed above, and need a tooth surgeon Rochester, contact us immediately at 585.534.3346. We do be happy to schedule an appointment with you to examine your oral health problem, and then recommend the right treatment that will deliver the best results.

tooth surgeon Rochester
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tooth surgeon Rochester
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