Rehab Centers In Southern California

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Rehab Centers In Southern California

Rehab Centers In Southern California

Substance abuse has become one of the most rising issues of today and is vastly common amongst the youth as well as the adults. It is a problem that not only affects the addicted but also leaves the families of those affected in a devastating situation. If you wish to find an effective treatment method for yourself or a loved one and are searching for a good drug rehab treatment in California, you have stumbled upon the right place. The heavenly center offers its clients the best Drug rehab programs in CA.

Why The Heavenly Center is the finest drug rehab center for you to consider?

Division of treatment into different phases:

Our intensive therapy is divided into three individual phases which go as follows. In the first phase, our clients receive medical management as well as psychiatric evaluations to clearly understand the needs of the individual so that they can be provided with the best possible treatment and care that they truly deserve. Alongside this, they receive group therapy six times a week and one individual therapy session each week. This allows them to reconnect socially and get in touch with the world around them so that they can improve and feel better from the within. With this progress, they move onto the next phase wherein the number of group therapy sessions are reduced and our customers are gradually indulged into the activities of regular life with therapeutic support which is not required by the time they reach phase three of their treatment. This allows each individual their own pace to receive therapy at.

Various forms of therapy:

Not only does our facility provide our customers with the best therapy in the forms of medication management and both individual and therapy sessions but also allows you to expand your horizons with activities that give you a better outlook on life, allows our patients to learn new things and truly find themselves and help them become a better version of themselves. The courses that we offer include various types of therapies like aromatherapy, hot therapy, IV therapy, massage therapy, etc. Alongside this, these courses also provide you with platforms to practice and pursue different passions one might have. We encourage our patients to pursue their fields of interest and hence provide them with a supportive environment wherein they can peacefully and effectively express their true selves.

Restoration of the entire family:

We know the struggles of addiction and deeply understand the suffering that the family of the victim goes through as well and therefore have courses prepared for families too to bring them out of the suffering and the trauma and guide them towards a better light thus making the Heavenly Center the best free drug rehab centers.

Provision of residence and transport facilities:

We believe that to lead a healthy lifestyle, one must be surrounded by positive energy and similar people who are aiming towards the same goal as them and are working hard as well as being supportive of others. Therefore, we also offer sober housing facilities nearby the treatment center along with transport from and to the center.


A lot of the good rehab facilities damage the pocket greatly and cost a lot of money for the services and the activities they provide their patients with. Our rehab facility would not do that and offers the most reasonable finance plans so that you can obtain the finest low-cost addiction treatment in CA.

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Rehab Centers In Southern California

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