Outpatient Drug Rehab Land O Lakes

Outpatient Drug Rehab Land O Lakes

Outpatient Drug Rehab Land O Lakes

Struggling with untreated addiction every day will have devastating consequences in the long run. At Spring Gardens Recovery, we offer an elegant and effective solution to all addiction forms – our outpatient drug rehab in Land O Lakes. If you’re ready to leave addiction behind for good, here are the benefits of our IOP treatment services in Land O Lakes:

1. Promoting sobriety and healthy living

While the inpatient program is paramount for successful and fast recovery, it’s not enough to prevent relapse over the years. This is why our rehab protocol relies on a multidisciplinary approach designed to promote sobriety, healthy living, and a cleaner lifestyle after rehab.

Our intensive outpatient treatment in Land O Lakes offers therapy, counseling, and lifestyle guidance as part of a comprehensive aftercare program. With our experts’ assistance, you will understand your addiction, value sobriety, and adopt a healthier value system to redefine who you are.

2. Dual diagnosis management

Most addiction victims deal with various co-occurring illnesses, which are both difficult to diagnose and treat. We address these problems early in rehab through medication and therapy and continue the treatment throughout the outpatient program and beyond. Co-occurring disorders are chronic in many cases, with patients requiring a personalized management plan to avoid relapse over the years.

3. Handling internalized trauma

In many situations, traumatic events are responsible for triggering an addictive behavior capable of ruining the victim’s life in the long run. Psychological and emotional traumas can negatively impact the patient’s ability to recover and remain sober after completing the treatment. To prevent that, we have designed our rehab program to identify and cope with internalized traumas. This allows us to address the causes of addiction rather than its symptoms.

If you’re after a substance abuse treatment near me, our rehabilitation center is the go-to destination. We provide personalized treatment options, recovery support, trauma healing, and lifestyle advice for a healthy and drug-and-alcohol-free life.

4. Creating purpose and meaning

Many of the people completing the inpatient treatment find themselves lost and without purpose. All they’ve had up to that point was their addiction. Once regaining their freedom, albeit an impressive breakthrough, they feel like they have no purpose in life. At our intensive outpatient treatment near me, we strive to help individuals discover new purposes in life.

With our help, you will discover how to enjoy the little things in life again. You will learn how to become more responsible and confident and grow into a more positive, optimistic, and strong-willed individual.

5. Building a sense of community

If you’ve been dealing with addiction for a long time, you may not know how many people are in the same situation as you. Our adult intensive outpatient program (IOP) in Land O Lakes, FL, will help you realize that.

At Spring Gardens Recovery, we use our outpatient drug rehab in Land O Lakes to build bridges between people. Call our team at 866.244.9556, verify your insurance, and come in for assessment and treatment soon! Become a part of our family and leave addiction in the past now!

Outpatient Drug Rehab Land O Lakes
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Outpatient Drug Rehab Land O Lakes
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