Florida Recovery

Florida Recovery

At St. John’s Recovery Place, we help people like you combat their addiction and find reliable solutions to their personal problems. Our Florida recovery program is more than just a treatment modality – it is a personal development project that teaches people healthy living, balance, and personal growth.

How we set our patients for long-term sobriety

At our Florida addiction recovery centers, everything we do subscribes to one defining underlying goal – help our patients embrace a better life for themselves and their families over the years. We do that by bringing together multiple disciplines and recovery modalities, including:

  • Detoxification and psychological stabilization – Although the detox process relies primarily on medication to control the withdrawal, its usefulness goes beyond that. The detox process prepares you for inpatient treatment, cleansing the body and calming the mind. It is also a potent rehabilitation tool for short-term relapse prevention, getting you into the sober mindset fast.
  • Dual diagnosis treatment – Our luxury rehab centers in Florida offer extensive dual diagnosis assistance to cope with a variety of co-occurring disorders. These may include depression, PTSD, internalized traumas, severe anxiety, and many others. The treatment’s success will reflect that of rehab’s and provide patients with long-term solutions to their problems.
  • Teaching positive and optimistic thinking – Our alcohol treatment centers train patients in positive thinking, allowing them to see life through different lenses. The programs we’re using to achieve that goal include psychotherapy, behavioral therapy, and individual and group counseling. Long-term, these programs teach patients about the importance of self-control and responsibility, allowing them to grow more balanced and mature emotionally along the way.
  • Relapse prevention training – Our drug addiction rehab in Florida relies on relapse prevention training to teach sustainable sobriety post-rehab. The program aims to teach patients about social and familial triggers and teach them how to avoid them once returning home. You will also learn how to identify early signs of relapse so you can act before the situation gets out of hand.
  • Personal development training – This program’s goal is to teach you the perks of adopting a sober and self-sufficient lifestyle. Our Florida drug treatment program covers aspects like financial independence, career building, fixing broken relationships, emotional management, etc. You will eventually practice everything you learn here after rehab.

Will rehab treatment be successful?

The success of the rehabilitation treatment depends on several factors, including your addiction’s severity, length, home and social environment, and your determination and personal choices after rehab. The more loyal you remain to your life goals, the easier it will be to manage your sobriety once home.

Our drug and alcohol rehabilitation in FL will train you in sober living and teach you how to adopt a healthy, clean, and balanced lifestyle post-rehab. If you’ve decided to try our Florida recovery treatment, contact our team at 833-397-3422 today!

You can speak to our St. John’s Recovery Place experts today for additional information on insurance coverage, treatment services, and programs available. Contact our leading rehab team, make an appointment, and begin the recovery process asap!

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