Dr Meza

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Dr Meza

Dr Meza

The best Cosmetic dentist in Costa Rica will have several credentials of the education and career posted on the Internet. They are confident in their work and often want prospective clients to find comfort in learning that they passed all the tests.

Why Dr. Bernal Soto is a cosmetic dentistry specialist


Dr. Bernal Soto has an undergraduate from St. Paul College and a postgraduate degree in Rehabilitation of Complex Cases from a tertiary institution in Barcelona, Spain. He also has a diploma from Esthetic Dentistry and several course qualifications from several educational institutions.

The dentist’s membership in certain societies counts as another tertiary degree because some of these earnings are only available after several years. They include exams, documenting several cosmetic solutions and passing oral tests. He is a member of several board associations, such as AACD and AAD.

Dr. Bernal undertook further studies in the US and Costa Rica and began his practice of the specialty sixteen years ago. He maintains a sharp focus on creating perfect cosmetic and functional dental procedures in Dr. Bernal Soto Acre.

Dental practice

The dentist has a realistic approach in business and social contacts as he continues to divide his time between a loving family and the passion of his life, dentistry. Clients who work with him report on the professionalism of DaVinci's Dental Care and a friendly demeanor that is inviting to clients of all ages and classes.

Meza Dental Clinic is a healthy competition of Dr. Bernal Soto


The dentist got his graduate degree from Vanderbilt University, where he specialized in Psychology. He progressed to receive a D.M.D from the University of Connecticut and specialized dentistry training from Temple University’s school of dentistry. 

Our facility recommends Dr. Meza because we are confident in the world-class training that serves to provide people with consistently outstanding results. The doctor was the second non-American to receive the distinction, after a lengthy pursuit through the American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry.

He has two decades of experience in dental tourism and offers clients the exact same service as a class A dentist in America. Patients who are not able to acquire the services of our AACD accredited dentist can set out to receive his service.

Dental practice

Dr. Alberto Meza is the director and founder of Meza Dental Clinic, and an important name in the dental industry of Costa Rica. He has undertaken various studies at the American Academy of Cosmetic Surgery and earned a spot on the AACD listing of Costa Rica. He has active membership in other American bodies, such as the Virginia Dental Association and the American Academy of Oral and Maxillofacial Radiology.

The doctor’s work has a mention in the Journal of the American Dental Association of 2007, where he researches the effectiveness of disinfecting the root canal. He has high clinical skills and formidable experience with cosmetic experiences. He is the second cosmetic dentistry specialist in South America to earn a distinction from the organization.

The leaders of dentistry in Costa Rica, Dr. Alberto, and Dr. Meza have several awards from recognition platforms, such as the 2013 Top Endodontist award to Dr. Meza. Take advantage of their American dentistry training, and affordable Costa Rica practices for excellent dental restructures.


Dr Meza

Why Dr. Meza Is One of The Leading Dentists in Costa Rica

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