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Center For Discovery Newport Beach

Center For Discovery Newport Beach

Teenagers often become fussy about particular food. Suffering from the eating disorder, they start withdrawing from food, become weight conscious, start losing or gaining weight, and, most importantly, have no control over eating habits.

Why Eating Disorder Should Be Treated Quickly?

Eating disorders are primarily related to psychological conditions causing a teen to have no control over his/her eating habits. The disorder is caused by several factors, including the psychological and social atmosphere.

Although the early signs of eating disorders include instant weight loss or gain, excessive workout, and feeling unhappy with one’s body or shape, the condition may worsen causing food binges and purging behaviors like vomiting.

Teenagers suffering from eating disorders develop low self-esteem and cannot express their anger, anxiety, and depression.

Best Youth Therapy Center In Southern California

The Center For Discovery Newport Beach is providing comprehensive treatment for a wide range of eating disorders for people of all age groups. They follow evidence-based therapies and offer outpatient eating disorder treatment to help patients on the path to recovery.

But if you are looking for adolescents psychiatrist in SoCal, OC Teen Center is an ideal place to help you out. We offer the best pediatric mental health services in Orange County directed more towards treating teens.

What Do We Treat?

Along with treating eating disorders, we also assist teenagers and children in fighting other psychological disorders such as anxiety, depression, psychosis, self-harm, and behavioral issues.

How We Treat Your Teen?

We provide unbeaten psychological treatment to teenagers and children. We offer a range of programs that provide full assistance and support in unleashing your teen's full potential. Our teen psychologist in Orange County are both experienced and skilled. They give your kids a compassionate environment and motivate them to open up about their problems.

Services We Offer:

Psychological disorders and mental disturbance can ruin your teen’s life making him/her emotionally disturbed and socially incompetent. To help your teen recover and to make them enjoy their life to the fullest, we deliver the following services for them.

  • Individual Therapy: One-on-one treatment with a leading and skilled child psychologist in Orange County California, helps teens to feel comfortable and allows them to open up about the things on their minds. Individual therapy sessions are available for all our teenage clients.
  • Support Therapy: While taking on the road to recovery, teenagers want support. By making Support Groups a part of the treatment process, we nurture the young minds of teenagers and help them structure their life in a positive turn.
  • Customized Programs: We want your teen to lead a completely happy and contented life. We devise a treatment plan that is goal-oriented and designed to achieve full recovery.
  • Psychiatric Treatment: Dr. Sayeh Beheshti, being an experienced psychiatrist, is dedicated to helping teens going through a tough phase. She provides personal consulting and therapies for teenagers suffering from various behavioral and developmental disorders.

If your teenage kid is acting weird, avoiding social gatherings, or is mentally disturbed, we are here to help you out. Our compassionate and experienced team of psychiatrists using effective therapy sessions can help your child lead a normal life.

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