Airdrie Emergency Dentist

Airdrie Emergency Dentist

Top Reasons to Call Us When You Need an Airdrie Emergency Dentist:

Not every dental practice is open to treating patients who are experiencing a dental emergency. The fact is, it's much more profitable to book end-to-end appointments and see as many patients as possible throughout the day. North Main Family Dental looks at their patients a little differently than other dental facilities in the area. We believe in making time in our everyday schedule to accommodate existing patients who are experiencing a dental emergency, and others whose regular dentist may not have made time to see them. We know that timely dental care during an emergency can alleviate pain and can save our patients money in the long run.

If you're experiencing a dental emergency, don't hesitate for one second to give us a call at 403-980-0056. We'll provide you with over-the-phone advice on how to relieve pain and manage the emergency while you're on your way to our dental clinic. We warmly welcome walk-ins as well- and you won't be made to feel as though you're inconveniencing other patients, since we plan ahead for urgent matters like the one you're dealing with.

It's not always easy knowing whether you need to see an Airdrie emergency dentist. One rule of thumb we like to go by is simply to ask yourself whether you're in pain. If the answer is yes, there's every reason to believe it's a dental emergency. Come in right away and let our staff look at what's going on. If you've suffered a dental injury or an injury to the soft tissue inside of your mouth, you should see us as well. Sharp, jagged teeth that are not repaired can cause additional damage to the inside of your mouth.

Consider your situation a dental emergency if you've lost a tooth, if you have chipped or broken teeth, if you're experiencing a toothache, have lost a filling, have bitten your lip or tongue, have a loose tooth, have abscessed gums, have a restoration that is loose or broken, or have had recent dental work and are experiencing pain associated with the work. We are strong advocates for dental emergency prevention at North Main Family Dental. We know that the best way to prevent a dental emergency is to make certain you're seen by a dentist at least twice a year. Our staff will not only provide the cleaning your teeth need to stay beautiful and healthy, they'll look for loose or weakened teeth, aging restorations that may beed to be worked on, early signs of inflammation or infection, and periodontal disease.

Call us first for emergency dental care, knowing we'll be making accommodations for your visit from the moment you call us. We are the most trusted Airdrie emergency dentist in the area- the one that will make you feel welcomed to our practice, regardless of what else is going on with our day. Don't suffer through a toothache or dental emergency and simply wait for it to go away on its own. Typically, a dental emergency will only get worse.

Airdrie Emergency Dentist

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