Can I Change From Dentures To Dental Implants? 

by | Aug 2, 2021

Dentures and dental implants are tooth replacement options for improving the aesthetic and chewing abilities of those with missing teeth. Dentures are removable artificial teeth, while dental implants are permanently affixed into the jawbone. While both serve a similar purpose, a change from dentures to dental implants comes with various benefits worth considering.

Why Change From Dentures to Dental Implants?

Many individuals comfortably make the switch to dental implants from dentures. If you are considering doing so, review the following four reasons dental implants may be an excellent option for you:

#1: Longevity

While dentures might be less expensive initially, you must replace dentures more frequently than dental implants. When properly maintained and cleaned, dental implants can last a lifetime. In fact, one study found that dental implants had a 90-95% success rate over 10 years. 1

#2: Comfort

If dentures are not clean or if they were not fit properly, they can be quite uncomfortable to wear. On the other hand, as soon as you are fully healed from your dental implant placement, they look and feel identical to a natural tooth.

#3: Oral and Bone Health

A periodontist affixes the titanium post of the dental implant directly into the jawbone of the missing tooth area. Once fully healed, your dentist will place the abutment, which works as a base for the final crown. The final crown looks and feels like a natural tooth.

Dental implants also prevent bone loss and a distorted jawbone appearance because the implant replaces the tooth root. The implant transmits chewing forces to the jaw, which helps maintain bone strength and prevent bone loss from occurring.

#4: Support

Dentures are removable and sit above the gumline. Therefore, they are not as strong or supportive when chewing compared to a dental implant. Because dental implants are affixed and osseointegrated into the jaw, there is no risk of shifting or falling out while eating.

#5 Permanency of Dental Implants

With dental implants, there is nothing to remove at night when you go to sleep.

The Steps To Change From Dentures To Dental Implants

After better understanding the benefits associated with dental implants, here is an overview of the steps you can expect if you switch from dentures to dental implants:

#1: Determine if Dental Implants are Right For You

First, you must schedule a consultation with a periodontist to develop a personalized treatment plan. In the initial appointment, the periodontist will review your medical history, perform an oral examination, and take x-rays of your mouth.

These diagnostics help determine if your current bone and oral health are viable to withstand an implant. For example, if there is excessive bone loss in the areas of missing teeth, your periodontist may recommend a pre-implant bone graft to ensure there is enough bone to support the implant.

#2: Pursue Dental Surgery

After placing a bone graft or treating any underlying health concerns, your mouth should be in proper condition to safely undergo dental implant surgery. To have the best outcome possible, it is crucial to maintain proper oral hygiene throughout the process and carefully follow any instructions from your periodontist.

The typical steps involved in the surgery process include:

  • Local Anesthesia: You will have a numbing agent applied to the surgical site to ensure that the procedure is comfortable and painless.
  • Implant Placement: When your mouth and jaw are numb, your periodontist will gently place and secure the titanium post to the jaw.
  • Osseointegration: While recovering from the initial surgery, osseointegration, or new bone growth, begins and continues over several months. This is the process whereby the implant heals and integrates with the jawbone.
  • Tooth Placement: When sufficient bone growth and osseointegration have occurred, your dentist will place the final porcelain crown onto the implant to match your other teeth. 2

High-Quality Dental Implants For Rochester Patients

The change from dentures to dental implants is a comfortable and straightforward process with Dental Implants & Periodontal Health of Rochester. Our trusted periodontist, Dr. Zahavi, can assist you in determining if an implant is right for you. To schedule a consultation, contact our caring team today. 585-685-2005






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